Swimming Pool Liners

Avon Scientific Liners are made in the UK by Plastica, and backed by their 5 year Pro Rata Warranty. Liners can be supplied in both 20 and 30 thou thickness however our buying power and discounts allow us to supply 30 thou liners at the same price as most companies offer 20 thou liners. Whilst we supply Liners, we are unable to offer a fitting service. Our Prices offer savings of up to 40% off normal retail prices. See our examples below. If you planning on getting custom pools on your property, make sure you hire the right contractor for the job.

*Prices based on a wall height of 3.6″ at the shallow end and are estimates only. For a full quote please complete the liner quote form and post, email or fax to us for a no obligation quote.



15’ x 30’ flat bottom pool liner
30 thou thickness
RRP         Avon
plain                             2131.00    1400.00
pattern all over          2985.00    1795.00
plain with tile band   2631.00    1650.00

15’ x 30’ hopper pool liner
30 thou thickness
RRP           Avon
plain                              2462.00    1560.00
pattern all over            3351.00    1995.00
plain with tile band    2962.00    1810.00